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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Calling All Divas!

Hey! If you like the new blog, leave a comment or email me.
Here are more photos from our bag project this week!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This is Your Blog!

Hey Divas! This is YOUR Blog! So, check it out, leave me a message, or comment, & enjoy! You can see what the other classes are making, request a project, or give "Queen La Diva" some feedback! This is going to be FUN! QLD

Monday, November 17, 2008

Hey Divas!

Most people hate Mondays, but let me tell you..it's a pleasure to work with my Monday Divas!
This class is pretty young, but they really do a great job on the projects! This is one of my bigger classes with 10, but we get in there , focus, & turn out "Darling Do's"
Miss Abby Kaye brought me a cute "Diva" sign! We hung it up in her corner..Thanks AK!

When I told people I was doing a Kindergarten class, they thought I was crazy! But, I have to say this is probably my most organized class. These girls are so sweet! We have very few tears to be so little. And, I love the way they tell each other their project is pretty!
Also, I have to give alot of credit to my daughter, Cadley, for helping so much with this class.
She has been a Diva since second grade & she knows this class inside & out. She has really enjoyed being a teacher this year. She is often heard saying "I Love My Class". The girls seem to love her and she really keeps the project going on track and turning out cute! Thanks Cadley, I couldn't do this class without your leadership!

I call my Cherokee class my in between class since they are not so little, but not so big. And, they are not all from Guntersville either. This class has the most out of towners of all. I appreciate the effort to get here from other towns. This class has one Diva that has been coming for about as long as we've had Diva Do's...Yea Mary Frances!

Thursday is my Middle School class..the one that started it all! This class is smaller, but we do more in depth projects. This is known as my "rowdy" class but I am thankful for their enthusiasm. These girls put alot of their own personality into their work. And, they eat ALOT of pizza rolls!

I will feature something from each class each week, so check back to see if you made the blog!
Hugs, QLD

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Diva Noo's for this week!

Middle School Girls: This is for Thursdays class. If you haven't already, bring your pair of jeans to the next meeting. We will begin this project when everyone has theirs at class. Make sure they still fit! You don't want to do all of that work for a pair that is too tight!

Cherokee & Elementary School Girls: We will be working on an adorable project this week. As always though..it's a SECRET! See you there! QLD

Diva Noo's

Divas, I suppose the Big News for today is the launch of our new blog! Here we will show off our cute "Do's" as we complete them. I welcome your comments! After all this is all about you!
Make sure you check back often to see our features. You never know, YOURS might be the one shown!
For now I'll just say how proud I am of all of my Divas. You are truly special girls and I am honored to be your hostess. Queen La Diva

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Welcome to the new Diva Do's blog!