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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Early Halloween Crafting and a Literary Statement

OK, these are last weeks projects. I am a little behind on posting...
The Little Bitties made these cute embellished hair combs to get ready for Halloween Wear! The Bigger Divas made a Literary Necklace, paper beads made from both decorative paper and pages from and old novel gleaned from the throw away pile at the thrift store. One of my Divas asked..."Queen La Diva, Were you SUPPOSED to cut up that book?" Yes, I stressed the importance of not cutting up valid books, and it did take me a while to get the nerve to cut this one, but it was destined to the trash, and I figured it could have a new life to be used in several of our projects. Actually one of my favorite hobbies is reading old thrown away books I dig out of discard piles. Some of my fav stories are from these unwanted treasures! Good Carline reading!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sisters In Creativity!

This is our class Tee Shirt! Since we are a group of girls who get together and create, I think of us as a sorority. So, I designed this tee with our "Greek" letters, to represent Di Va Do's DVD! Cute huh? By the way, I stenciled the shirts myself in hot pink with, of course, glitter!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Crafty Updates!

We have been busy for a few weeks! I wanted to update everyone on our projects!
The Little Bitties made "Diva Dough", our version of pink play dough with glitter!
The Big Girls made an oil painted collage of a paper cupcake.
The next week, our cute terry Bath Mitts were a fun stitching and fusing project for both classes! The Little Bitties made a pig design and the Big Girls made a hip abstract blue and brown design. The older girls made a blue salt scrub to use in the bath as well!
This week we made these cute painting projects: LB's made the "Colorpillar", a color mixing exercise, that turned into a cute collage. The Biggies made this beautiful stenciled knit scarf with the Brown Chandelier design. I love the freezer paper technique!

Now I have to think of something to top all of this for next week!