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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Register for classes!

We are starting back with our Diva Do's classes September 6th! Call to reserve your spot! Leave a message at 256-582-1497.
We have classes for kindergarten to middle school!
Join us!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Year End Fashion Show!!!!!!!

Hey Divas! This is an update for our Fashion Show!!

We will have our show next class, May 24 & 25! Please come at 3:00 on your class day, DO NOT BE LATE!!

Our show will begin for parents and friends at 3:30.

We will have our show, awards, and cake.

Our theme is "DIVAS and DIAMONDS"

Wear your official Divas and Diamonds tank top to school on the day of your class.

Don't forget your flipflops, and hairbrush!

Thanks so much....it looks like a wonderful show!

*****We are still recovering from the Tornado Disaster, and do not have all of our utilities back including phone, internet and cable, or email. Check the blog for updates.

Queen La Diva may be reached at 256-582-1497...answering machine only, she will call back.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hoppy Easter

This is our sweet little bunny project we made this week for Easter. The fabric is a soft berber with a crooked hand embroidered nose and button eyes. So Cute!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wall Flowers

This weeks project was a beautiful Wall Flower! The hint for the guessing game in class was "coffee and cake", because we used coffee filters, (over 600 overall for twenty girls) and a cardboard cake circle for this big, lovely 3D Wall Flower! I hand dyed the coffee filters with watered down paint, and we glued them allover an 8" cardboard cake round, the type used in cake decorating. I used a snippet of chartreuse green chiffon as a hanger, glued to the back. I think it is a lovely Spring decoration. Darling for Easter, spring, girly wall decor', a door wreath....anywhere a touch of flowery punch would be enjoyed! Even the kindergartners could do this with ease! My 5th graders loved it too!

Hey! These girls can do ANYTHING!

-Queen La Diva

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Our Annual Fashion Show!!!!!!

Our Annual Fashion Show is coming up at the end of the school year!!!!! Our news letter will be coming home soon, watch for it! Each Diva needs a new pair of flip flops, any "diva" color, and she needs to bring her own hairbrush to the show! We will be making our Fashion Show t-shirt soon too! Yea!!!!!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

A Birthday....and it looks like Rain!

This week, we celebrated one of our Diva's birthday! She was born on Feb 29th, LEAP YEAR!
Since she only has a real birthday every four years....we ate twinkies with frosting and sprinkles....and.....sang!
So we made it special with a "Birthday Cake" collage using antique wall paper, a bit of paint, and sparkle. Everyone made one in this class, and added her own birthdate! A sweet alternative to a monogram! Fun to display every year!

And....our other classes made this Darling cloud mobile with big sparkly stones as raindrops!

SOOOO Sweet! The face is hand stitched!

Spring Showers....brings flowers....etc!

If You Give A Mouse Some Corn........

I love this cute little mouse beanbag! We all made this cute mouse with fun printed fabrics and stuffed him with CORN! He is poseable, and sweet, and has a handstitched mouth and really LONG eyelashes! So fun!

Tweet Little Bird Quilting Project

My Cherokee (3rd. to 5th grade) age class made this sweet quilted
Birdy" wall hanging. We used a real twig, painted pink, as a hanging rod...along with vintage fabrics and silly hand stitching.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hey Hot Stuff!!!

Well, it's been a while huh? We went speeding throught the holidays, even had some snow and ice that cancelled our last class before Christmas! (more later about a make-up of Wednesday's Class)

Anyway, I wanted to show the Darling project we are doing this week.

This is a cute little "Hot Stuffie" but it is stuffed with corn! It looks like an old fashioned Hot Water Bottle! You put it in the microwave and heat it up for a snuggly cozy buddy for these frosty days! So cute!

Next week's project is darling as well....something I have been meaning to do for a long time!!!

Hugs, Queen LaDiva and Miss Cadley