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Thursday, November 12, 2009

You Are Gonna Need It!

My big girls made this Chic Leopard and Pink cozy for the ever essential Germ-X bottle! Divine!

One of My Fav's!!

I originally designed this project when my DD was in kindergarten. Now, she taught this to her K-1 class! I made this hot pad out of wooly fabric and brown canvas. They printed their handprint in brown paint, added details, and TaaDaa! A Darling Turkey HotPad for Thanksgiving! The special secret is to add cinnamon, spice & herbs inside before sewing it closed so it add a delightful aroma when it holds a hot dish!
Fun memory...when I did these in kindergarten for my DD, I looked around the room after we finished and was shocked that every child had a brown smudge on their face! I realized they had been sitting there smelling the hotpad until the cinnamon had dusted through and covered their faces! Precious!

Even More New Updates!

Last week my Big Girl Divas made this Glam Mirror with nifty air dry clay and sparkly jewels! They were quietly immersed in their work until I had to tell them the moms were waiting outside for pick up! I love it when they love the process!

Project Updates!

We made this pretty Pumpkin necklace with original artwork, beads and glass marbles!
So pretty for Fall, Thanksgiving, and cool weather dressing. The art was drawn on old pages of a thrift store book. The wool backing was from a felted sweater. Sweet!