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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WHEW!!!! OH, SNAP!!!!!

Our First class was....um....WOW!
We were fully packed with excited girls yesterday! We actually had alot more show up than we expected, so we even ran over in time to get everyone's project finished. So many cute girls, so many returning as well as newbies.
Our project was an adorable "Snap Link" necklace we made by snapping the vintage
1960's plastic snap links together in fun retro colors, and then adding a handmade pendant made from a wood base with decoupaged art paper and a fun vintage initial all tied up with cute fall ribbon! So cool and fun for back to school wear!
Thanks girls, we'll hand out tee's next week at class! ( I decided to wait until EVERYONE could get their shirt at the same time so no tears for the walk ins)
Hugs, Queen La Diva and Miss Cadley

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