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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wall Flowers

This weeks project was a beautiful Wall Flower! The hint for the guessing game in class was "coffee and cake", because we used coffee filters, (over 600 overall for twenty girls) and a cardboard cake circle for this big, lovely 3D Wall Flower! I hand dyed the coffee filters with watered down paint, and we glued them allover an 8" cardboard cake round, the type used in cake decorating. I used a snippet of chartreuse green chiffon as a hanger, glued to the back. I think it is a lovely Spring decoration. Darling for Easter, spring, girly wall decor', a door wreath....anywhere a touch of flowery punch would be enjoyed! Even the kindergartners could do this with ease! My 5th graders loved it too!

Hey! These girls can do ANYTHING!

-Queen La Diva

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