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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Year End Fashion Show!!!!!!!

Hey Divas! This is an update for our Fashion Show!!

We will have our show next class, May 24 & 25! Please come at 3:00 on your class day, DO NOT BE LATE!!

Our show will begin for parents and friends at 3:30.

We will have our show, awards, and cake.

Our theme is "DIVAS and DIAMONDS"

Wear your official Divas and Diamonds tank top to school on the day of your class.

Don't forget your flipflops, and hairbrush!

Thanks so much....it looks like a wonderful show!

*****We are still recovering from the Tornado Disaster, and do not have all of our utilities back including phone, internet and cable, or email. Check the blog for updates.

Queen La Diva may be reached at 256-582-1497...answering machine only, she will call back.


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