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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fashion Show Rehearsals!

Oh, It has been a while! We have been very busy! We are currently working on our Fashion Show! This is our end of the year...did I say that???....project! We have about twenty girls in our show this year! That's forty outfits!!! Yikes! We block printed our show tee last week. I will reveal it later. We keep our show theme and outfits top secret until show time! We had a pretty good practice yesterday. I went ahead and scheduled a rain date for the following week in case of you know what! It has rained around here for weeks! This is our sixth year to do this show outside, and we've been lucky so far...hope I don't jinx it! I love the theme this year! The prettiest we've done yet!! More on that later! In the mean time, I'll just say we are always running late on this stuff but in the end it turns out....um....Wonderful!

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