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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Play Cast of Characters!!!!!!

We are one third full for our play for June! If you are interested, please call me or email! I have had one request to move the play to July so more kids can be in it. So many of you are going on vacay...I know!! But, if we can fill this June slot, we will do another in July! The following Cast of Characters is a partial list of the possible "roles" you might be cast in! Come on! This is a great way to do a real play this summer without weeks and weeks of commitment!
Our play is all tied up in a handy little one week package!

Mary Millicent Margaret Merryweather......the rich girl
Janey ...............main speaking
Dot..............Janey's best friend, main speaking
Mr.Ice Cream Man...boy or girl, speaking
Tessa ...........main, speaking
Various parts, with names and lines, to be added as we build the group
Stay Tuned!!! We Are Excited!!!

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