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Thursday, August 12, 2010


We had our first meetings this week! This was the first time we ever had our Diva Do's classes start in the first week of school! In honor of the first school week, we made this darling "Apple" dress! I made the dresses, dyed them a chambray blue, and we painted the Granny Smith Green Apples on it in class! The girls did a fabulous job! We finished it off with a scrappy fabric flower pin that we glued, (my fav), colored gem stones on to. I think this is so sweet for this HOT time of the year. So cute with flip flops now, layered over leggings or jeans later.

We based our snack on the apple theme as well. We ate sliced green apples with caramel sauce. drank apple punch, and had green candy! All in all it was a blast, but now that I am past the first week...I am applesauce!!!!

Hugs, QLDiva

Random Picks from each class:

Carley is the sweetest girl! So glad she joined us!

I have never seen a happier child than Meg!

Mary Crawford is a Hoot!

"The Daniels" twins are Divine!
Be sure to check each week to see if you get "picked"!

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